marți, 25 ianuarie 2011


Personality……do we really know the kind of personality we really have. We may have tried many tests that sometimes the internet or magazine offers but are we really true to ourselves in answering the questions. When results come out not to your advantage do we change our answers immediately to satisfy our desires? Can we really express ourselves very well? Are we or are we not inhibited to some things? I think many of us do have some inhibitions we have acquired from our past. I for one admit having inhibitions too that I find difficult to completely remove from my system. The only person I know who does not have any inhibitions nor have the difficulty in expressing himself is a baby. Why you may ask? Because a baby has no qualms about expressing himself. He expresses his real feelings in of course his own way like crying or cooing. He is not a bit inhibited because he is, at this stage, without self consciousness. He will remain like this until the age where he comes into communication with other human beings. Sometimes or more often than not, it is our conscience that makes us cowards against trying many things. Our inhibitions can make or destroy our future. We are seemingly and forever afraid of what “other people may think” in what we do or say.
If as a child your were told that self-expression may be morally wrong and was punished for speaking up or showing off or punished for showing anger, or shamed for showing fear, then surely this child will grow up to believe that experiencing such emotions are wrong. An opinionated child who is frequently scolded every time he comes up with his own opinion or us, will grow up thinking that it is right to be a nobody.
Many are suffering unhappiness and failure because of these inhibitions.
Having reached this age that I am now, I still have inhibitions that I have not completely removed from my system. I have learned to lessen this inhibitions a bit which had helped me move on forward to a much better place to live and work in. Of course I do still have to learn more about practicing in being less careful, less concerned, less conscientious. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say not to be concerned, conscientious, I just meant to lessen it. To think of yourself first before others. To do what you want to do irregardless of what people may say. It’s quite difficult to do it with the kind of society we are living in, but for your sake and mine, we can maybe try it. We have gone this far already so I don’t think there’s any harm in doing so. Have you ever asked or told yourself this? “I wonder if I should have done that,” “ Maybe I shouldn’t have said that,” “Maybe what I said or did might be taken the wrong way by the person concerned.” Then these are inhibitions?
St. Paul”s advice to the Philippians: “Be careful for nothing,” and follow these principles:
1) Don’t wonder in advance what you are going to say. Just open your mouth and say it. Improvise as you need to. 2) Don’t think before you act. Act and correct your actions as you go along. Seems difficult to do isn't it? I have been taught since I was young to be careful with what I say so it would be quite difficult for me to do this.
The great contemporary philosopher Alfred North Whitehead says: “From the moment of birth, we are immersed in action, and can only fitfully guide it by taking thought.”