marți, 25 ianuarie 2011


Sometimes being bored does something good to a person. At least it did for me. While finished with my chores I found nothing else to do so I spent my spare moment reading a book. While reading, some of its pages, I found a very interesting topic. Although I no longer have a young teenager I thought that maybe it would be of help if I wrote it down on this blog for mothers who have teenage daughters. The topic was quite long so I sort of summarized it. I picked up things that were utterly important. It reads…………………
Sometimes, teenagers are propelled into early marriages, a pitiable situation caused by their own parents who don’t realize what they are doing. There are teenage marriages that worked well, but most often than not, they become to be disastrous premature marriages. In many cases, the initial push comes from the parents. It is mother or father who indulges her teenage daughter on all her whims. Mothers defend their attitudes that “times have changed.” “Our children are growing up faster too. Early socializing is here to say so we had better accept it.” Other women argue that pre-teen dancing improves social poise; boys and girls “get used” to each other so that by the time dating begins in earnest, there will be a minimum of awkwardness. They want their children to have all the fun and advantages they themselves missed. Included in this book are helpful tips for mothers who have young teenagers:
  • Understand that early dating is dangerous even if everyone is doing it. Have the courage to take a firm stand against it.
  • Neither permit nor encourage a hectic social life for the eleven to fourteen year olds. Remember that the best advantage you can give a young girl is the ability to be self-reliant. And she can learn this only by having time to be alone and at peace, just with and by herself.
  • De-emphasize things too sophisticated for a young girl. When girls get together with boys, discourage the imitation of adults and encourage activities appropriate to their ages. Refuse to permit parties where the boys bring their own girls.
  • Make your daughter feel it’s great to be just what she is. A child who is unhappy in her age group looks forward to the next one, where things may be better. As she grows, express your deep interest in what she is doing. Praise efforts and accomplishments warmly and often.
  • Make her home an attractive, inviting, happy place. Many young girls marry early to escape from an unhappy home.
There are no easy answers to the problems created by too early marriage. But it is clearly necessary to face the blunt truth that young lives may well be wrecked unless brakes are applied to the steady march of child-women toward the altar.
Hope I didn’t step on anyone’s foot. Hope you like this article because I do think it to be very informative.