marți, 25 ianuarie 2011


This was what I felt last Sunday when I went for my groceries. A holdup!!!! Yes you read it right. A Holdup!!!! Grocery prices did really go up. I felt like we the end users are being robbed of our basic needs. Manufacturers and sellers know that no matter what the cost be, we the end users will purchase it as they are part of our daily existence and can’t live without them. On the other hand they’re right. Maybe some items we may be able to forego but the very basic needs we definitely can’t do without. So there you go--- we are their willing victims that fall into their hands. How about the budget we have been making for the whole month to end up finding out that the budget we have, won’t be able to buy all the things that are listed down on our grocery lists and they are the same lists we had last month. I only do my grocery once a month so any increase in prices between these dates is quite a shock to me especially when your budget for this month is already done..
I know things go up as progress go on, but this is just too much. Our government says economy is doing well. I wonder whose economy are they talking about. Not for us average income earners. What more for the low income group. I guess it does for them but not for us end users. I wonder how much would our basic needs be for the next 10 years. Even facilities like water, electricity, telephone, liquefied petroleum gas (cooking gas) and even gasoline boy! – they sure are costly now-a-days. Wouldn’t it be sad to say that things might go back to the old days where people cook using coal, wood, candles and gas lamps for light and bicycle like in China instead of cars. I am puzzled as to what kind of life would this be?
Well, I guess I’ll have to see when that day comes.